It’s Chilly

Good Afternoon.  It is in the low 70s with clear skies no sunshine but a slight wind  making it chilly to sit out.  I walked 4 blocks today.  I could tell I haven’t been doing this.  I used my cane part of the time and carried it the rest.  I have got to get moving again or I’m going  to lose my mobility.

My clothes for today.

I needed to dress warm so this is it.

I got a picture of my last remaining pet,.

This is Spirit an African Gray

She has been talking to me as I pass the cage so I’m going to have to stop and converse with here more than I have.

I’m page 137 of The Whispering Room so I’ll be reading this for now.

I gave the rest of Brandy’s food to my next door neighbor because she has 3 dogs,  I sent Molly food with Cindy because her co worker has a cat.  I’m still have moments when I try to tear up but I’m getting better at controlling the feelings. I’m still feeding the zoo in the morning and also the outside birds ( it is part of my chores)

i haven’t heard from my friend Edna so i don’t know how Lady is doing.  I’ll call her in a day or two.

Well that is it for now.  I hope your weekend goes well.