October Soon Enough

Good Morning on this grey, damp day.  I wanted to get the post out of the way early.  Yesterday I tripped on Libby’s toy and down I went hard.

Results were this. I felt like I had cracked my head open.

All I could think was that I had to take something for the pain and lay down.  Cindy and I had planned a busy day and we were going to Bunco that night.  She had worked the day hours to give us the night off.  In the fall I had hurt my my right arm and shoulder so that was another pain to fight off.  When I had regained a little of my senses we went to Sam’s Club for some items we needed.  I was shaky and was not going out that evening.  Then I remember Cindy had worked the day hours so we could go.  I decided I wasn’t going to spoil her night out so we went.

Sleeping last night was uncomfortable because my forehead and my right side caused me to keep shifting my position.  My stomach is a little angry this morning but I’m going to take it easy.

The living room is full of Halloween decoration.

Boxes all over .

I think I’m going to settle my stomach before I attempt putting things up.

I answer to Pam’s question.

This is like  what I want to knit .

When I’ll get back to it I know know.

I’m on Page 226 of the Ruth Ware novel and it is at the stage where you don’t want to put it down.  I have about 75 pages to finish it.

Well the zoo is fed and my stomach is acting up royally so I’m cutting this short.  Have a good Sunday and may rest of the week go well for us all.



Busy today because I changed my room around.

My bed now sits on the same wall but the headboard is on an inside wall

This leaves the rest of the room open and I can sit at my vanity and see the whole room now. If I sleep on my left side I face the wall but I’m trying to get use to sleeping on my right side as a change up,

This also opens up my view of my vanity that I use as a deck.

This way I don’t have the headboard cutting the room in half.  I spent the morning tearing the bed apart, changing the rails so I would have the headboard under a shelf.  I must admit I had a few chosen words when the frame didn’t want to get reversed and locked together.  But I finally got it done.  I have a couple of bruises on my legs and my arms are looking forward to a rest.  But don’t think I wasn’t proud when it came together.  83 don’t mean a thing when I get something in my head!

Today I didn’t have to buy some goats.

Chris came and mowed the yard.

This being on a corner lot kinda makes it important that it be kept neat.  Thank you Chris.

Cindy bought the Halloween boxes in from the shed so I will be start decorating tomorrow.  I did get something up today,

My goose is already in the front window but that will be changed around when I get the buildings unpacked.

I also have Juicy’s  ( Cindy’s goose) costume to put on tomorrow.  I have a Frankenstein costume for her.

In the hallway

On Cindy’s door.

On my door

On the bathroom door.

In the back of the front room are these fellows

No place is sacred on Halloween.  The best is yet to come.

Well I’m on Chapter 15 of In A Dark, Dark Wood.  I will be picking it up again later today.

It is really windy out this evening and I’m hoping we don’t lose power.  Every body in the house is sleeping but me.  I will be fixing a bite of supper then I’ll return to my room to read for a while.

Have a great weekend and let me know what you are up to!!



It Is Fall

With the temperature in the low 60s all day I’m not looking forward to being outside.  Okay I realize it is the first days of Fall but I’m not ready yet.  I need to get October out of the shed and start decorating.  It is always fun to pull Halloween out and start displaying everything.  I have a Frankenstein costume  for Cindy’s goose and gauze for mine (a mummy).

The butterflies will come out of the front window first.

Then the Halloween houses will go up.  But right now I have to bring the trash container in because the truck just came through.  Then it will be on to the next chore.

This is on the menu for today.

Along with this.

Going to have to buy a new one soon.

Plus I’m on chapter 8 of In A Dark, Dark Wood.  Sometimes I have nothing to keep me busy and other times my plate is filled to overflowing.

The sun just came out and a smile lighted up my mind!  I have so missed sunshine these last few days.

Oh well I guess I have to get off my butt and make today happen.  Have a good one too!


I’ll Be Back!

Good evening on this sunless day.  It is 72 degrees with thunderstorms in the forecast starting around 5 pm. Rain is expected at 8 pm until midnight .  Then more storms at 3 am.  I sat outside for a while this afternoon but kept my fleece jacket on.

Well my books came today and I’m already into one of them.  I started In A Dark, Dark  Wood by Ruth Ware.  Now on page 37.  My other book is The Silent Corner by Dean Koontz. This should keep me busy for a while.

Yesterday I pulled a 3D jig saw puzzle and had it spread all over the kitchen table.  I didn’t get very far with it because I was getting a pain across my shoulder blades.  I finally  gave up, pored it back in the box, and shoved it back on the shelf for another day.

The weather has been such that the yard looks like a pasture  that the cows won’t chew down.  I can’t expect it to be mowed when it stays wet.

I have my trash container at the back porch ready to go out in the morning.  i’ll leave where it is at so i can put the last minute stuff in it for collection.

I haven’t picked up my knitting since day before yesterday so I’m going to have to make an effort with it before I forget the pattern.

Well my TV dinner is getting cold so I’ll close for now.  But I will be back!

Not A Good Day

Yesterday was a lost cause.  My stomach was acting up and I never even got dressed. I spent most of the day here.

in my bed

or here

I read, took medicine. or did Fill it ins.,

This morning I am a little better so I cleaned up the kitchen, emptied  the trash, and fed these two.

Cali in the chair and Lily on the foot stool.

I still have the inside birds to do but they are not awake yet.  The outside birds are not ready yet either.  I’m still having some stomach problems but not as bad as yesterday.

I finished  The Crooked Stairway Dean Koontz’s novel and have ordered  Dark, Dark Wood  By Ruth Ware and another Dean Koontz novel that is due in tomorrow.  Sometimes all I want to do is sit and read so I try to get my choirs done early.

I haven’t checked the weather yet so I don’t know if the lawn will be mowed today or not.  It is high enough to hide little birds in.  David said a hawk got one of the birds yesterday.  But our world is full of sad things and we have to take the bad with the good,

Well I guess it is back to the choirs so I don’t feel so guilty about sitting.  I want to knit a little today but Inside or out depends on the weather.

Take care and have a great day.




What I’m Doing!

Well good evening.  I have not been to visit for about 5 days now but I’m here now.  I have no good excuse for my absence so I make none.

I have been walking starting alone for a a block or two but that was no fun.  I finally got a companion to walk with me.

Yep Libby

Now this was not an easy transition.  Our first time out she almost put me on the pavement.  The only thing that saved me was I had my cane and was able to regain my balance in time.  Since then we a have walked first a block  but yesterday we walked two blocks.  Today the rain has kept us inside but we will be at it as soon as the weather permits.

I had to get another picture of the plant in the Bleeding Hearts garden.

It is lovely.the color makes you smile and as you can see it is spreading. 

What else have I been doing

I started knitting a project with my left over yarn.  I also continued reading the Dean Koontz novel (on page 316), and of course worked on my fill it in book.

My last project ended up here.

It is on the back of my lazy boy.

It is within reach if I decide to snooze a little in my chair.

You know that I have done these things (knit and crochet ) before but I find I had lost some the hand positions and it was keep trying until it came back to me.  Actually It was almost like starting over.  But I guess it like riding a bike you just keep steering and leaning until you stay upright.  At least I’m not senile yet!!

I’ll try to get back to a posting every couple of days so you will know I didn’t run away from home.  I’m fine, basically in good health, and intend to stay around awhile.

Spoiled Momma

Today I can say I was a spoiled Momma. Two of my three children showed me a day that was filled with places that I hadn’t visited in a very long time but wanted to see.  It started with Cindy this morning.  Just a few blocks from here is a very large flea market. I hadn’t been in there in years.  Well this morning Cindy and I made the rounds.  I took my walker because I knew I was going to need it.  We went in the front door and decided to walk the outside aisles first.  We then walked the inside aisles until we had covered the whole thing.  I was thinking  as we were leaving that I hadn’t realized  how large an area it covered,

After we got back home my youngest son .Lesley. and his wife Anne came to take me to lunch.  After we ate we decided to visit Canterbury (Spg?) Village.  We visited Always Christmas and looked at all the lovely things on display.  So many things and I knew I wouldn’t remember everything but I loved viewing ever thing.  Maybe when I get my finances figured out I’ll go back and buy some things.

So my day was spent going to places I hadn’t been to in years and loving every minute of it.  I thank both my children for a full and enriching  day.

Rest Or Play

A visit to the doctor showed I still had a large calcified plaque in the abdominal aorta with SMA stenosis.  What all this means is a blockage  that cannot be removed surgically because of my age.  He has me on medication to try to control it.  I see him again in around Aprill of 2019.  Now I’m not in pain all the time so it is the best that can be done.  Remember I’m 83 and I count myself D##n lucky that this is the worst going on.

Well I finished Dean Koontz’s The Whispering Room last night and started his The Crooked Staircase today.  It is another Jane Hawk mystery.  I enjoyed the first one and am looking forward to this one.

The project I’m working on.  (Still don’t know what it is but)

It is Pretty and I’ll find someplace to use it.

Cindy bought her cats a toy.

Lily is loving it but Cali not sure yet.

Libby on the other hand is happy just to gnaw on her bone

The Frankenstein monster suit I bought for Juicy (Cindy’s goose) arrived yesterday so now we have to wait for October to put it on. You know I think I already told you that.  Oh Oh I think I’m losing it !!

I changed the flag outside.

Just can’t find one that is right but this is close.

Well Cindy has gone to work and I have finished all my chores ( either this morning or after I got home from the doctor so now it is time to rest o play!

Have a good week and lets hope it warms up a bit.


I Confess

I don’t know about you but August was a terrible month for expenses.  But I took a deep breath and started writing checks.  I’ll need  a couple more months to climb out of the hole again but by God I’ll do it.  The Vet bills for Brandy and Molly was part of the problem but I had to find out what was wrong and then decided how to  correct their problems.  I loved them and I’ll miss them.

I must confess I spent a lot of money on things I wanted but I really didn’t need.  Then it dawned on me the holidays are coming and I have nothing put away.  So I have started to to figure out how I will correct the situation.  I know  i’m not alone in this situation but I also know if I get my head out of my a## I’ll get things under control.

On another front I’m still working on the Dean Kootz novel.  I will be crocheting again because I bought the yarn I needed.  When I use this up I will go to my extra stash and work on something (hopefully) for gifts.

So what looked hopeless was a positive ending.

I hope every thing is working out for you and that you are looking forward to the coming months.


Taking Care

Good Morning!

Well we had a storm last night.  I heard part of it but was too tired to lay awake for it,

The gazing ball blew over

But the real test was this.

I’m going to need help to right this thing,

]f the weather clears this afternoon Chris is coming in to mow.  He will set the swing back up.

Yesterday I sat out all day and and worked on trying to remember how I did this

It finally came to me after a lot of ripping out.

It is a little sloppy but at least I’m on the right track.  When you don’t do something for a very long time the mind files it away deeply.  Even having the instructions written down doesn’t make the hands perform it correctly.

It finally came around.

What am I making –beats me –just using up yarn and practicing an old thing I used to do.

I’m half way through Dean Koontz’s The Whispering Room and if I pick it up I don’t want to put it down.  I even wake up in the middle of the night and read for an hour or so.  The other day I picked up his The Crooked Staircase and will be reading it also.  His main character is female and she is intelligent, clever, and brave.  ( She listens but she don’t take no s##t. )

I ordered a Frankenstein costume for Cindy’s goose for Halloween.  I will wrap mine in bandages like a mummy.

Well Spirit is still talking as I pass the cage.  I’m going to have to take time to sit with her a little each day to show her I’m paying attention to her.

I see the stomach doctor on the 10th and I’m interested to find out what he suggests.    Also have an appointment with the hearing doctor this month.  I can’t say I’m not trying to take care of me.

Well have a good day and enjoy our voyage slowly into Fall.