Save The Tomatoes!

My neighbor brought me these.

Small tomatoes -lots of them.

What to do.  Too many to just eat.  I went to work placing them in boiling water, then into ice water to remove the skin.  I then started some jars in the dish washer, set out rings and lids, and located my recipe for Italian Spiced Tomatoes. I brought in the canner. set out my spices,   and mixed everything.  Bringing it all together I came up with this

Seven and a half jars i gave one back to the neighbor))

Now there will be no waste.  I really didn’t really want to can but I can’t let things spoil.  Now everything is put away and I’m free to do  what I want.  I thought a visit with you was called for so here I am.

The exciting thing that happen during this time was a very bad thunder storm. I had just gotten everything into to jars, the lids on, when the power went out.  Using a flash light I managed to get the jars into the canner and David took a match and lit the burner.  Using the  flashlight I started timing using David’s phone,

After the water started boiling we timed that and remove the jars to the table.  I then laid down until after the power came back on.  What an afternoon