Labor Day

I hope you had an enjoyable Labor Day. This morning Cindy and I stock up at Sam’s Club then she went to work and I spent time trying to be creative. In the old days we would fix a picnic lunch or go to Pontiac Lake ( before the fancy way to get into it now.)  But time marches on and things change ( for the better?).

Today I sat in the swing and worked with the yarn I had just bought.

i rewound it into balls because it is easier to work withl

I then crochet a mat to mount the two plaques that the Vet’s office sent me after Brandy and Molly were put down.

It also has a glass over it.

I have a frame to mount them in

While we were out this morning Cindy picks up these,

Got to have flowers!

She made a meat loaf before she went to work yesterday.  She put mozzarella  in middle.  One word yummy!

It was great

It just started raining with a bit of wind.  Hopefully we won’t lose power again.

Well take care .