Taking Care

Good Morning!

Well we had a storm last night.  I heard part of it but was too tired to lay awake for it,

The gazing ball blew over

But the real test was this.

I’m going to need help to right this thing,

]f the weather clears this afternoon Chris is coming in to mow.  He will set the swing back up.

Yesterday I sat out all day and and worked on trying to remember how I did this

It finally came to me after a lot of ripping out.

It is a little sloppy but at least I’m on the right track.  When you don’t do something for a very long time the mind files it away deeply.  Even having the instructions written down doesn’t make the hands perform it correctly.

It finally came around.

What am I making –beats me –just using up yarn and practicing an old thing I used to do.

I’m half way through Dean Koontz’s The Whispering Room and if I pick it up I don’t want to put it down.  I even wake up in the middle of the night and read for an hour or so.  The other day I picked up his The Crooked Staircase and will be reading it also.  His main character is female and she is intelligent, clever, and brave.  ( She listens but she don’t take no s##t. )

I ordered a Frankenstein costume for Cindy’s goose for Halloween.  I will wrap mine in bandages like a mummy.

Well Spirit is still talking as I pass the cage.  I’m going to have to take time to sit with her a little each day to show her I’m paying attention to her.

I see the stomach doctor on the 10th and I’m interested to find out what he suggests.    Also have an appointment with the hearing doctor this month.  I can’t say I’m not trying to take care of me.

Well have a good day and enjoy our voyage slowly into Fall.