I Confess

I don’t know about you but August was a terrible month for expenses.  But I took a deep breath and started writing checks.  I’ll need  a couple more months to climb out of the hole again but by God I’ll do it.  The Vet bills for Brandy and Molly was part of the problem but I had to find out what was wrong and then decided how to  correct their problems.  I loved them and I’ll miss them.

I must confess I spent a lot of money on things I wanted but I really didn’t need.  Then it dawned on me the holidays are coming and I have nothing put away.  So I have started to to figure out how I will correct the situation.  I know  i’m not alone in this situation but I also know if I get my head out of my a## I’ll get things under control.

On another front I’m still working on the Dean Kootz novel.  I will be crocheting again because I bought the yarn I needed.  When I use this up I will go to my extra stash and work on something (hopefully) for gifts.

So what looked hopeless was a positive ending.

I hope every thing is working out for you and that you are looking forward to the coming months.