Spoiled Momma

Today I can say I was a spoiled Momma. Two of my three children showed me a day that was filled with places that I hadn’t visited in a very long time but wanted to see.  It started with Cindy this morning.  Just a few blocks from here is a very large flea market. I hadn’t been in there in years.  Well this morning Cindy and I made the rounds.  I took my walker because I knew I was going to need it.  We went in the front door and decided to walk the outside aisles first.  We then walked the inside aisles until we had covered the whole thing.  I was thinking  as we were leaving that I hadn’t realized  how large an area it covered,

After we got back home my youngest son .Lesley. and his wife Anne came to take me to lunch.  After we ate we decided to visit Canterbury (Spg?) Village.  We visited Always Christmas and looked at all the lovely things on display.  So many things and I knew I wouldn’t remember everything but I loved viewing ever thing.  Maybe when I get my finances figured out I’ll go back and buy some things.

So my day was spent going to places I hadn’t been to in years and loving every minute of it.  I thank both my children for a full and enriching  day.