What I’m Doing!

Well good evening.  I have not been to visit for about 5 days now but I’m here now.  I have no good excuse for my absence so I make none.

I have been walking starting alone for a a block or two but that was no fun.  I finally got a companion to walk with me.

Yep Libby

Now this was not an easy transition.  Our first time out she almost put me on the pavement.  The only thing that saved me was I had my cane and was able to regain my balance in time.  Since then we a have walked first a block  but yesterday we walked two blocks.  Today the rain has kept us inside but we will be at it as soon as the weather permits.

I had to get another picture of the plant in the Bleeding Hearts garden.

It is lovely.the color makes you smile and as you can see it is spreading. 

What else have I been doing

I started knitting a project with my left over yarn.  I also continued reading the Dean Koontz novel (on page 316), and of course worked on my fill it in book.

My last project ended up here.

It is on the back of my lazy boy.

It is within reach if I decide to snooze a little in my chair.

You know that I have done these things (knit and crochet ) before but I find I had lost some the hand positions and it was keep trying until it came back to me.  Actually It was almost like starting over.  But I guess it like riding a bike you just keep steering and leaning until you stay upright.  At least I’m not senile yet!!

I’ll try to get back to a posting every couple of days so you will know I didn’t run away from home.  I’m fine, basically in good health, and intend to stay around awhile.