Not A Good Day

Yesterday was a lost cause.  My stomach was acting up and I never even got dressed. I spent most of the day here.

in my bed

or here

I read, took medicine. or did Fill it ins.,

This morning I am a little better so I cleaned up the kitchen, emptied  the trash, and fed these two.

Cali in the chair and Lily on the foot stool.

I still have the inside birds to do but they are not awake yet.  The outside birds are not ready yet either.  I’m still having some stomach problems but not as bad as yesterday.

I finished  The Crooked Stairway Dean Koontz’s novel and have ordered  Dark, Dark Wood  By Ruth Ware and another Dean Koontz novel that is due in tomorrow.  Sometimes all I want to do is sit and read so I try to get my choirs done early.

I haven’t checked the weather yet so I don’t know if the lawn will be mowed today or not.  It is high enough to hide little birds in.  David said a hawk got one of the birds yesterday.  But our world is full of sad things and we have to take the bad with the good,

Well I guess it is back to the choirs so I don’t feel so guilty about sitting.  I want to knit a little today but Inside or out depends on the weather.

Take care and have a great day.