It Is Fall

With the temperature in the low 60s all day I’m not looking forward to being outside.  Okay I realize it is the first days of Fall but I’m not ready yet.  I need to get October out of the shed and start decorating.  It is always fun to pull Halloween out and start displaying everything.  I have a Frankenstein costume  for Cindy’s goose and gauze for mine (a mummy).

The butterflies will come out of the front window first.

Then the Halloween houses will go up.  But right now I have to bring the trash container in because the truck just came through.  Then it will be on to the next chore.

This is on the menu for today.

Along with this.

Going to have to buy a new one soon.

Plus I’m on chapter 8 of In A Dark, Dark Wood.  Sometimes I have nothing to keep me busy and other times my plate is filled to overflowing.

The sun just came out and a smile lighted up my mind!  I have so missed sunshine these last few days.

Oh well I guess I have to get off my butt and make today happen.  Have a good one too!