Busy today because I changed my room around.

My bed now sits on the same wall but the headboard is on an inside wall

This leaves the rest of the room open and I can sit at my vanity and see the whole room now. If I sleep on my left side I face the wall but I’m trying to get use to sleeping on my right side as a change up,

This also opens up my view of my vanity that I use as a deck.

This way I don’t have the headboard cutting the room in half.  I spent the morning tearing the bed apart, changing the rails so I would have the headboard under a shelf.  I must admit I had a few chosen words when the frame didn’t want to get reversed and locked together.  But I finally got it done.  I have a couple of bruises on my legs and my arms are looking forward to a rest.  But don’t think I wasn’t proud when it came together.  83 don’t mean a thing when I get something in my head!

Today I didn’t have to buy some goats.

Chris came and mowed the yard.

This being on a corner lot kinda makes it important that it be kept neat.  Thank you Chris.

Cindy bought the Halloween boxes in from the shed so I will be start decorating tomorrow.  I did get something up today,

My goose is already in the front window but that will be changed around when I get the buildings unpacked.

I also have Juicy’s  ( Cindy’s goose) costume to put on tomorrow.  I have a Frankenstein costume for her.

In the hallway

On Cindy’s door.

On my door

On the bathroom door.

In the back of the front room are these fellows

No place is sacred on Halloween.  The best is yet to come.

Well I’m on Chapter 15 of In A Dark, Dark Wood.  I will be picking it up again later today.

It is really windy out this evening and I’m hoping we don’t lose power.  Every body in the house is sleeping but me.  I will be fixing a bite of supper then I’ll return to my room to read for a while.

Have a great weekend and let me know what you are up to!!