October Soon Enough

Good Morning on this grey, damp day.  I wanted to get the post out of the way early.  Yesterday I tripped on Libby’s toy and down I went hard.

Results were this. I felt like I had cracked my head open.

All I could think was that I had to take something for the pain and lay down.  Cindy and I had planned a busy day and we were going to Bunco that night.  She had worked the day hours to give us the night off.  In the fall I had hurt my my right arm and shoulder so that was another pain to fight off.  When I had regained a little of my senses we went to Sam’s Club for some items we needed.  I was shaky and was not going out that evening.  Then I remember Cindy had worked the day hours so we could go.  I decided I wasn’t going to spoil her night out so we went.

Sleeping last night was uncomfortable because my forehead and my right side caused me to keep shifting my position.  My stomach is a little angry this morning but I’m going to take it easy.

The living room is full of Halloween decoration.

Boxes all over .

I think I’m going to settle my stomach before I attempt putting things up.

I answer to Pam’s question.

This is like  what I want to knit .

When I’ll get back to it I know know.

I’m on Page 226 of the Ruth Ware novel and it is at the stage where you don’t want to put it down.  I have about 75 pages to finish it.

Well the zoo is fed and my stomach is acting up royally so I’m cutting this short.  Have a good Sunday and may rest of the week go well for us all.