Save The Tomatoes!

My neighbor brought me these.

Small tomatoes -lots of them.

What to do.  Too many to just eat.  I went to work placing them in boiling water, then into ice water to remove the skin.  I then started some jars in the dish washer, set out rings and lids, and located my recipe for Italian Spiced Tomatoes. I brought in the canner. set out my spices,   and mixed everything.  Bringing it all together I came up with this

Seven and a half jars i gave one back to the neighbor))

Now there will be no waste.  I really didn’t really want to can but I can’t let things spoil.  Now everything is put away and I’m free to do  what I want.  I thought a visit with you was called for so here I am.

The exciting thing that happen during this time was a very bad thunder storm. I had just gotten everything into to jars, the lids on, when the power went out.  Using a flash light I managed to get the jars into the canner and David took a match and lit the burner.  Using the  flashlight I started timing using David’s phone,

After the water started boiling we timed that and remove the jars to the table.  I then laid down until after the power came back on.  What an afternoon


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2 thoughts on “Save The Tomatoes!

  1. Wow – that was an ‘electric’ canning experience, for sure! Well done!!! NOT MANY people can anymore so you’re doing GREAT!!! (especially at ‘going with the flow’ and changing up to meet the needs required!) No Thunderstorm is gonna stop you! SUPER CANNING LADY TO THE RESCUE!!!

  2. My younger daughter in law buys me small tomatoes when she shops for me Fridays and I eat them like sweets! If too big a pack it is hard to finish them all so what you have done makes lot of sense! Marion UK

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