October Is About Gone

Yes I know I’ve been away awhile.  Cindy has been in the hospital which has been a big distraction.  She is home now and resting.  It is the end of the month, low on gas in the truck, and kind of lost as to what to do.  But I am trying to do my best.


The Fire Bush in the front yard is turning red now.

Butterfly bush is on it’s last journey.

The trees are turning an leaves are beginning to fall.

Today the new window clings came.

Fall reminders

In a couple of days the above will replace the Halloweens one that are up there now.  At that time the Fall and Thanksgiving things will appear.  Some times It feels like I just get one set up and it is time to replace them.

I did finish the Reader’s Digest Large Print for November the other day.  A wide variety of articles that were interesting and informative.

I’m not into my Dean Koontz novel right now –just a few pages at a time.  Tomorrow I expect Elevation the Stephen King novel in.  (I think I’m beginning to lose it because I had to go into the bedroom to check on the author’s name.)  I did get my new Webster’s New World College Dictionary the other day. My old one was dated 2002 so I updated.

I found this funny.

Like I needed help opening the Aleve bottle 

Well it is 6:15 and time to think of supper soon.  I hate to wake Cindy but we must get on with the evening.  David is going to go check with her soon.

I have turned on the Halloween lights in the windows and will go to my room for a while.  Take care.




Gonna Wait!

With all the nasty things going on right now I want  to wait on fixing my problems for a few days. I have read that just a few blocks away someone has spray painted the front of a house and a car parked in the driveway.

As long as I get delivery this will not be replaced right away.

We have two projectors with Halloween images but they will not go out  right now . I will sit outside on Trick or Treat night like I did last year because there is no reason for not doing it just because a very few are being hateful.  So it will be bags of potato chips again.

Yesterday my son Les and wife Anne came to take me to the original Yates Cider Mill in Rochester.  Arriving there it was bumper to bumper cars going up the hill with the only parking being $5.00.  We decided to go to Canterbury Village to the Yates location there (good decision).  I bought cider and doughnuts for the house and had a little of each there.  We then walked to the Made In Michigan store and went through two floors there.   There I found this.

The ideal sign for Cindy and David

Now they have to find a place to hang it.

When we left there Les drove us to Big Boy for lunch.  I have a cup of Potato Soup and half a Corned Beef sandwich.  ( very good)  Then it was home to take a nap after all the walking when Les left for home.  It was a great afternoon out and I thank them for it.   I have been invited to his house for Thanksgiving.

It is sunny with temp in the low 50s wind is 10 mph. Just not quite warm enough to sit in the swing for very long.  I will spend a little time out there any for the fresh air.

There isn’t much going on here  David is napping along with all of the zoo. Cindy went off to work making it very quiet.

If you follow Facebook you will see where I made a little money at Bunko last Saturday.  Cindy said it was enough–two months in a row so I have to give someone else a chance. I did think I should buy a Lotto ticket while my luck is holding but I haven’t done it yet.  Darlene and Michael joined us Saturday night so it was like old home week. They brought me some pieces for my Fairy garden also.  Thank you guys.

Well My friend enough for now, stay well, and don’t let the nasties get you.










Some Bad Some Fun

OK so I pissed someone off!!  At least enough for this to happen

Look like a new mailbox is in my future.

Just when you think your getting a little bit ahead this happens.  I took my hammer, pliers, and some assorted hand tools out to the street.  I tried  to fix it but to no avail.  Why did they choose us I have no idea but I don’t have the mind of an AS*****E so I can’t figure it out.  I’ll just have to bite the bullet.  But in my heart I know what comes around goes around and they will get theirs eventually.   As you can tell I’m a little down!

I went to son Wes’ tonight and picked up costumes and wigs for Cindy and I to wear to Bunco.

This is one of the last costumes I made.

I even have the purple wig,

I even brought one of my older costumes for Cindy.

I don’t know if she will wear it or not.

I did start my new Dean Koontz novel The Forbidden Door but am in no hurry to finish it because the next book in that series won’t be out until May next year.

When i was over by Wes’ I checked at Kroger’s for chopped pimiento but they didn’t have it.  I need it for the chip dip so I guess I’ll buy stuffed olives and pull  the insides out of them as a last resort.  ( More than one way to skin a cat ),

Well my friend it is a little after 9 pm and I still have a few things to do so I’ll say Good Night!







A Short One

Good morning on the 16th of October that is 37 degrees with a promise of 52 by  5 pm.  It forecasts to be sunny all day.  This is not warm enough to sit outside in the swing for long but I’ll brave it for a while.  I really should walk a couple of blocks also because I have been sitting too much.

I finished Dean Koontz’s The Silent Corner  this morning and will be getting his The Forbidden Door tomorrow.  This will put me back in sequence on the Jane Hawks Series.  I have found it to be  interesting.

Nothing going on worth talking about just the usual do chores,  fed the zoo, etc.

I feel pretty good, sleeping well, and still considering working on my ornament kits.

Onyx is out climbing today.

The November issue

This arrived yesterday in time for something to read.

Well I have to get a shower and get dressed so this will be a short visit.  See you later!


Working On Things For The Coming Winter

Good morning almost noon!  I slept until a little after 8 this morning and when I got up the kitchen looked like a major food fight had hit it,  So I started with the stove pulling the burner grids and putting them in the dishwasher.  I cleaned the top of the stove, the tea kettle, and put a iron fry pan in the sink and cleaned it. .  Next I checked for anything to add to the dishwasher and started it,

I then fed the zoo. taking  time to refill the containers. make the labels. and labeled them with the names of the animals on them.

The labels

Yesterday I pulled summer clothes out of the closet and dresser putting them in the cedar chest after I pulled the winter stuff out.  I hung the winter clothes up and put some of  in the dresser.  I changed the sheets and put the the flannel ones on my bed.  The others I washed and put in the chest.  I found my heavy blanket and added that to my bed.  I also have a portable  heater in my room to warm it up.  So I’m pretty well set for warmth in my bedroom.  While I checked out the clothes I took the ones too large for me in a bag to be given away. I rearranged the shelf in the closet getting rid of a couple of boxes.  I found one my boxes with ornament kits in It so I think I’ll spend some time making these. Also I’m still working on reading my novel so I have plenty to do.

I have been outside taking trash to the cart so I know it is cold out.  I haven’t check the temperature yet because I really don’t want to know it!

I hope all is going well with you.  Stay warm and look forward to Halloween.

Lots Of Things

Well I finally made it back again.  Yesterday I spent part of the time with a nurse from United Health Home Visit.  This was my first visit and was very informative.  I had a check up, a review on my medications, and a note for my personal doctor about the visit and what was suggested on what I should follow through on.

I also got this lap size cover.

Our latest Halloween addition that Cindy picked up is now  in the bathroom.

Now we can shower with an owl!

Just another thing to make us smile when we enter the room.

The weather today is at 49 degrees with a wind at 15 mph.  It has threatened rain all day but nary a drop has fallen.  I did locate my red Winter jacket because It is slowly getting cooler every day.

David drove me to the grocery store and I picked up a few items that we needed.  I now have an Apple turnover with my name on it sitting on the counter.  (I had to take a break and get rid of the hick ups.)

In the near future we are going to get a comfy  living room chair with an ottoman and pitch out the old sofa.   It is time to retire it.

I’m almost half way through Dean Koontz’s THe Silent Corner  but I’m having trouble because I have already read what would be the second book in the series.  I will finish though because It explains a few things I had questioned on in the second book.  I’ll get it clear in my head before I’m done.

Well it is almost time for my programs to start so I think I’ll say good night     GOOD NIGHT!






































Thus Is Onyx

This is Onyx.  He joined our zoo a day or two ago.

Cindy said we needed a black cat so she got one.

He spent his first night or two in my room.   He wakes up at 6 am ready to move.  If you don’t he messes with your hair pulling it.  Then moves to your face and if you cover it up he digs around to find you.  On the second morning I gave him my bed and moved to the lazy boy with a heavy cover to stay warm with.

He laid in my way on the vanity

He stayed with me in the my room for two days because  the other animals needed to  be introduced.

He tries to be helpful!


Today he join everyone in the living room.  Now this sweetie doesn’t walk anywhere –he runs.  He spent today racing from one place to another finding out about the room.  Tonight he will move to Cindy’s room.  Maybe I’ll get a good night’s sleep.  Well this makes our zoo 3 cats, 2 birds,and 1 dog.   Only 1 bird is mine.

Well our decorating is pretty well under control so I have to move the boxes in to the back room.

My appointment with the ear doctor went well.  No major changes so no major adjustments were needed.  My next appointment is in Feb.

The Fire Bush in the right front corner of the yard is beginning to turn red.  A sure sign that Fall is here.

I missed the Jenkins family reunion in the area yesterday but I doubt any one noticed.

Well I have some bills to work on so I’ll leave for now.   Have a good week!



That Is It For Now

OK  day 4 and still working on the decorating.  In fact Cindy has been revising some of it so we have something new .

Cindy picked out the new front door design,.

I worked on the archway today

But with some not so nice words.  Standing on a 3 step stool and reaching up is a trip.  This project still needs work.

Cindy redesigned the kitchen shelf tree.

When I look at it all I can think is I’m watching you!!!!

Cindy’s goose now has her Frankenstein look on.

This came home with us yesterday from the grocery store

We just can’t resist them.

The bathroom got a new look.

The beads were added and some candles


Cindy added the mirror design.

Our old friend joined us to sing a bit.

I set up the front window on a plug strip and then couldn’t figure out why my phone didn’t work.

The strip was turned off!!

Going to have to set up differently.  I’ll get David to help me!

Well my program just came on so I’ll close for now.

So Far

All of Halloween so far

The bathroom

The flag

The wreath I made on the porch door

under the porch light 

On the back porch

Living room corner

Living room main panel

New flowers out front.

Just found these

There are different plastic figures hanging on the front yard fences and a large bow on the side gate.

Still not done that is it for now!




Good morning.  I finished Ruth Ware’s In A Dark, Dark Wood yesterday at at 4:48 pm and enjoyed it greatly the mystery, twists, and the I will be back with reading more by Ruth Ware.

My next novel will be Dean Koontz’s The Silent Corner.  I have my book mark in place and will be starting this today.

The forecast calls for cloudy but there was rain earlier.  But this is Michigan so who knows.

I have had soft boiled eggs for breakfast because I’m not eating right.  It is hard when you are fixing for one.

Last night was a bear for sleeping.  Still very sore from the fall and I changed positions a lot.  But I will get better and it will be easier to get comfortable. I am watching where I step because I need to remain upright to get well.  I will being reading and napping this afternoon because my zoo is fed, my chores caught up, and that means I’m free to do what I want.

Decoration will wait and Lily is taking advantage of that

She knows what I feel like

I started another project

I finished the other one so I pulled the new one out.

I picked up 4 or 5 new ones when I found them the other day.  I only had Cindy stop at 3 places before that looking for them.  Where did I find them at the drug store just a few blocks from  my house. ( Wouldn’t you know it!)

Cindy found this the other day.

He ended up in our bathroom.

He does have some very funny comments!

Well I don’t know about you but I’m getting a lot of reading material this last couple of weeks.

A lot of information to absorb

I could drop over dead before I get through all of this!  And you know if I do all this will go in the trash can.  I know it is important to know this stuff but if you are 83 you can care less about it!

Well when you can’t sit outside you have the computer,  the fridge, or you room.  So I guess my room wins.  Take care and I sure would like to know what you are doing!