Good morning.  I finished Ruth Ware’s In A Dark, Dark Wood yesterday at at 4:48 pm and enjoyed it greatly the mystery, twists, and the I will be back with reading more by Ruth Ware.

My next novel will be Dean Koontz’s The Silent Corner.  I have my book mark in place and will be starting this today.

The forecast calls for cloudy but there was rain earlier.  But this is Michigan so who knows.

I have had soft boiled eggs for breakfast because I’m not eating right.  It is hard when you are fixing for one.

Last night was a bear for sleeping.  Still very sore from the fall and I changed positions a lot.  But I will get better and it will be easier to get comfortable. I am watching where I step because I need to remain upright to get well.  I will being reading and napping this afternoon because my zoo is fed, my chores caught up, and that means I’m free to do what I want.

Decoration will wait and Lily is taking advantage of that

She knows what I feel like

I started another project

I finished the other one so I pulled the new one out.

I picked up 4 or 5 new ones when I found them the other day.  I only had Cindy stop at 3 places before that looking for them.  Where did I find them at the drug store just a few blocks from  my house. ( Wouldn’t you know it!)

Cindy found this the other day.

He ended up in our bathroom.

He does have some very funny comments!

Well I don’t know about you but I’m getting a lot of reading material this last couple of weeks.

A lot of information to absorb

I could drop over dead before I get through all of this!  And you know if I do all this will go in the trash can.  I know it is important to know this stuff but if you are 83 you can care less about it!

Well when you can’t sit outside you have the computer,  the fridge, or you room.  So I guess my room wins.  Take care and I sure would like to know what you are doing!