That Is It For Now

OK  day 4 and still working on the decorating.  In fact Cindy has been revising some of it so we have something new .

Cindy picked out the new front door design,.

I worked on the archway today

But with some not so nice words.  Standing on a 3 step stool and reaching up is a trip.  This project still needs work.

Cindy redesigned the kitchen shelf tree.

When I look at it all I can think is I’m watching you!!!!

Cindy’s goose now has her Frankenstein look on.

This came home with us yesterday from the grocery store

We just can’t resist them.

The bathroom got a new look.

The beads were added and some candles


Cindy added the mirror design.

Our old friend joined us to sing a bit.

I set up the front window on a plug strip and then couldn’t figure out why my phone didn’t work.

The strip was turned off!!

Going to have to set up differently.  I’ll get David to help me!

Well my program just came on so I’ll close for now.