Thus Is Onyx

This is Onyx.  He joined our zoo a day or two ago.

Cindy said we needed a black cat so she got one.

He spent his first night or two in my room.   He wakes up at 6 am ready to move.  If you don’t he messes with your hair pulling it.  Then moves to your face and if you cover it up he digs around to find you.  On the second morning I gave him my bed and moved to the lazy boy with a heavy cover to stay warm with.

He laid in my way on the vanity

He stayed with me in the my room for two days because  the other animals needed to  be introduced.

He tries to be helpful!


Today he join everyone in the living room.  Now this sweetie doesn’t walk anywhere –he runs.  He spent today racing from one place to another finding out about the room.  Tonight he will move to Cindy’s room.  Maybe I’ll get a good night’s sleep.  Well this makes our zoo 3 cats, 2 birds,and 1 dog.   Only 1 bird is mine.

Well our decorating is pretty well under control so I have to move the boxes in to the back room.

My appointment with the ear doctor went well.  No major changes so no major adjustments were needed.  My next appointment is in Feb.

The Fire Bush in the right front corner of the yard is beginning to turn red.  A sure sign that Fall is here.

I missed the Jenkins family reunion in the area yesterday but I doubt any one noticed.

Well I have some bills to work on so I’ll leave for now.   Have a good week!