Lots Of Things

Well I finally made it back again.  Yesterday I spent part of the time with a nurse from United Health Home Visit.  This was my first visit and was very informative.  I had a check up, a review on my medications, and a note for my personal doctor about the visit and what was suggested on what I should follow through on.

I also got this lap size cover.

Our latest Halloween addition that Cindy picked up is now  in the bathroom.

Now we can shower with an owl!

Just another thing to make us smile when we enter the room.

The weather today is at 49 degrees with a wind at 15 mph.  It has threatened rain all day but nary a drop has fallen.  I did locate my red Winter jacket because It is slowly getting cooler every day.

David drove me to the grocery store and I picked up a few items that we needed.  I now have an Apple turnover with my name on it sitting on the counter.  (I had to take a break and get rid of the hick ups.)

In the near future we are going to get a comfy  living room chair with an ottoman and pitch out the old sofa.   It is time to retire it.

I’m almost half way through Dean Koontz’s THe Silent Corner  but I’m having trouble because I have already read what would be the second book in the series.  I will finish though because It explains a few things I had questioned on in the second book.  I’ll get it clear in my head before I’m done.

Well it is almost time for my programs to start so I think I’ll say good night     GOOD NIGHT!