A Short One

Good morning on the 16th of October that is 37 degrees with a promise of 52 by  5 pm.  It forecasts to be sunny all day.  This is not warm enough to sit outside in the swing for long but I’ll brave it for a while.  I really should walk a couple of blocks also because I have been sitting too much.

I finished Dean Koontz’s The Silent Corner  this morning and will be getting his The Forbidden Door tomorrow.  This will put me back in sequence on the Jane Hawks Series.  I have found it to be  interesting.

Nothing going on worth talking about just the usual do chores,  fed the zoo, etc.

I feel pretty good, sleeping well, and still considering working on my ornament kits.

Onyx is out climbing today.

The November issue

This arrived yesterday in time for something to read.

Well I have to get a shower and get dressed so this will be a short visit.  See you later!