Some Bad Some Fun

OK so I pissed someone off!!  At least enough for this to happen

Look like a new mailbox is in my future.

Just when you think your getting a little bit ahead this happens.  I took my hammer, pliers, and some assorted hand tools out to the street.  I tried  to fix it but to no avail.  Why did they choose us I have no idea but I don’t have the mind of an AS*****E so I can’t figure it out.  I’ll just have to bite the bullet.  But in my heart I know what comes around goes around and they will get theirs eventually.   As you can tell I’m a little down!

I went to son Wes’ tonight and picked up costumes and wigs for Cindy and I to wear to Bunco.

This is one of the last costumes I made.

I even have the purple wig,

I even brought one of my older costumes for Cindy.

I don’t know if she will wear it or not.

I did start my new Dean Koontz novel The Forbidden Door but am in no hurry to finish it because the next book in that series won’t be out until May next year.

When i was over by Wes’ I checked at Kroger’s for chopped pimiento but they didn’t have it.  I need it for the chip dip so I guess I’ll buy stuffed olives and pull  the insides out of them as a last resort.  ( More than one way to skin a cat ),

Well my friend it is a little after 9 pm and I still have a few things to do so I’ll say Good Night!