Gonna Wait!

With all the nasty things going on right now I want  to wait on fixing my problems for a few days. I have read that just a few blocks away someone has spray painted the front of a house and a car parked in the driveway.

As long as I get delivery this will not be replaced right away.

We have two projectors with Halloween images but they will not go out  right now . I will sit outside on Trick or Treat night like I did last year because there is no reason for not doing it just because a very few are being hateful.  So it will be bags of potato chips again.

Yesterday my son Les and wife Anne came to take me to the original Yates Cider Mill in Rochester.  Arriving there it was bumper to bumper cars going up the hill with the only parking being $5.00.  We decided to go to Canterbury Village to the Yates location there (good decision).  I bought cider and doughnuts for the house and had a little of each there.  We then walked to the Made In Michigan store and went through two floors there.   There I found this.

The ideal sign for Cindy and David

Now they have to find a place to hang it.

When we left there Les drove us to Big Boy for lunch.  I have a cup of Potato Soup and half a Corned Beef sandwich.  ( very good)  Then it was home to take a nap after all the walking when Les left for home.  It was a great afternoon out and I thank them for it.   I have been invited to his house for Thanksgiving.

It is sunny with temp in the low 50s wind is 10 mph. Just not quite warm enough to sit in the swing for very long.  I will spend a little time out there any for the fresh air.

There isn’t much going on here  David is napping along with all of the zoo. Cindy went off to work making it very quiet.

If you follow Facebook you will see where I made a little money at Bunko last Saturday.  Cindy said it was enough–two months in a row so I have to give someone else a chance. I did think I should buy a Lotto ticket while my luck is holding but I haven’t done it yet.  Darlene and Michael joined us Saturday night so it was like old home week. They brought me some pieces for my Fairy garden also.  Thank you guys.

Well My friend enough for now, stay well, and don’t let the nasties get you.