Working On Things For The Coming Winter

Good morning almost noon!  I slept until a little after 8 this morning and when I got up the kitchen looked like a major food fight had hit it,  So I started with the stove pulling the burner grids and putting them in the dishwasher.  I cleaned the top of the stove, the tea kettle, and put a iron fry pan in the sink and cleaned it. .  Next I checked for anything to add to the dishwasher and started it,

I then fed the zoo. taking  time to refill the containers. make the labels. and labeled them with the names of the animals on them.

The labels

Yesterday I pulled summer clothes out of the closet and dresser putting them in the cedar chest after I pulled the winter stuff out.  I hung the winter clothes up and put some of  in the dresser.  I changed the sheets and put the the flannel ones on my bed.  The others I washed and put in the chest.  I found my heavy blanket and added that to my bed.  I also have a portable  heater in my room to warm it up.  So I’m pretty well set for warmth in my bedroom.  While I checked out the clothes I took the ones too large for me in a bag to be given away. I rearranged the shelf in the closet getting rid of a couple of boxes.  I found one my boxes with ornament kits in It so I think I’ll spend some time making these. Also I’m still working on reading my novel so I have plenty to do.

I have been outside taking trash to the cart so I know it is cold out.  I haven’t check the temperature yet because I really don’t want to know it!

I hope all is going well with you.  Stay warm and look forward to Halloween.

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3 thoughts on “Working On Things For The Coming Winter

  1. Your ‘change of clothing from Summer to Winter’ reminds me I have to do that pretty soon. The other day I put on a sweatshirt b/c it seemed cold to me – removed it after about 15 minutes – TOO HOT! Oh well, we both know cold weather is a ‘comin’-SOON! Stay warm, my friend!

  2. Yes the central heating is on now most of the time it has got colder here although dry.

    Keep changing mind about what to give people for Christmas, have several scarves with no home now so they will needs go the Charity Shop later.

    Waiting for radio programme just now being late evening here. Marion

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