Revision Time

Yep it is the first of November.  Time to clear away October and start to decorate for the coming holiday.  The front windows have been cleared and I have started gathering decorations on the kitchen table to be packed away for another year.

Just a small sample of what has to be packed away.

The bathroom, the living room, and the kitchen all have to be cleared away and put into black plastic containers for next year.   But first a few bits of October for you.

Libby gol her costume on and became our big pumpkin.  (It still fits!)

Cindy worked on the real pumpkin with David’s help.

This is the before

This is after

Some of our visitors thought the design was really neat.

Cindy carefully removed the seeds.

They will be salted and roasted.

Last night was a very good one for Trick or Treating.  David counted 80 youngsters all  together.  We ran out of potato chips and had dig into the candy stash.  So next year we will buy 2 boxes of chips.  The weather was such that I sat outside to greet the Trick or Treaters.  David took over for me after a little over an hour went by.  Looking out side now the area is neat and clean.

A school bus just passed a sign that all is back to normal at least outside.  Inside however it is not the case but I’ll get on that in while.  First I think I’ll rest for a bit but I’ll be back.


Update:  It is 12:23 pm and all  of Halloween is packed away thanks to Cindy’s help!  Good job  I’d Say!!!!!