It’s November

Snow tonight—-NO!

This is my fire bush today.

The first of two views

So beautiful but a sad warning of what is to come.

Our new shower curtain

Cindy loves to pick out subjects that like to share your shower

The new cat door on Cindy’s bedroom door.

Her choice of paint was gold and it turned out beautifully.

Onyx playing king of the mountain on my headboard as Lily looks on.

Well yesterday Cindy and I had our eyes checked,  Results she got new glasses .  I have weakness in my left eye (small print) but can get by with drugstore glasses right now. After that it was haircut time for both of us.

The haircut.

It is difficult to smile at yourself when you take a bad selfie.

I did notice the sides were a little crooked but hey it will grow our!  The objective was to have both sides of my head look the same. It didn’t happen!! ( Man dig them wrinkles) I looked a whole lot better when I was fatter!)

Today was fingernails day and I tried something new.

The idea  of leaves falling in fall. (What d0 you think?)

The temperature is 39 degrees.wind at 6 mph but out init it feels bitter.  I don’t know what I’ll do when it really gets cold!

I deserve a pat on the back because I used my new dictionary today.  You know I buy these things then forget to make use of them.

Well Cindy is making an appointment for me with a shrink because I think I’m losing it.  They say i’m not but I feel like things are slipping away.  Did you ever feel that way?

Hey we are a blue state!!!!  Maybe my vote did help.

Well enough chatter for now I have a bedroom to straighten up so I’ say bye for now.