OH NO Snow!

6:30 this morning

Oh shit where are my boots? I know where I left them last Spring

I have to admit I don’t like the cold but the sun on the snow is like a lot of diamonds and I have to smile as I see them.  So  it is Winter.  I don’t care what the calendar says.  You know this is my 83rd  Winter and this is more than a lot of people get to see.  This means I am healthy enough, lucky enough, and fortunate enough to live through another era of my life.

Not doing well with getting things fixed around here. Had the dishwasher looked at the other day and paid around $260. to have it fixed.  This morning it wouldn’t drain out so Cindy called them back and set up another appointment today to look at it again.  I don’t mind paying for something but I do expect to work correctly when it is declared fixed.

Cindy is on the phone setting up appointments for me with doctors that my personal physician has requested I see.  She is back to work so in order to attend with me she needs to control the time.  (She hears more details than me so it important that she be there).

Some how this display seems out of place when you see the snow outside

Had to plug the camera battery in just now.  I have another one but I don’t know if it will hold a charge so I’m going to have to check that out.

I’m going to rip out a knit project I started and find a crochet project to do instead.  I have a list of 18 one ball items that Pam sent me so I should be able to find something.

Well I think i’ll close for now–Have a great day!