Well I got up all enthused today.  David took me to the grocery store and I got the shopping out of the way.  While there I saw these.

Just what I needed for Dutch Apple Pie Jam

I knew I would have every thing I needed when I bought the apples

I had the raisins, the spices, the sugar, the lids, the rings, the jars.   Oh oh the jars.  Normally I would run them through the dishwasher to make sure the were sterile.  But my dishwasher still isn’t fixed.  Still waiting for a part.  What now.  David said he would help me eat the apples and we could buy more later.  OK that solves that problem.   What to do instead.

I had finished Stephen King’s Elevation at 2:37 am.  Only 146 pages long but a fascinating story of a man with unusual physical condition.  No monsters, no killing, no dying, just how he lived his life helping others along the way.

I finally decided on this instead

Yep I dumped the ornament making stuff out on the dining room table.

I’ll see what I can come up with.

I’m not going to let something not being fixed derail my creativity.   The jam will come later.

Have a good week.