In Parts

Good morning.  Got nowhere with the ornament making yesterday nails are too long.  Got into it over the mess on the table so I folded it up and put it way. I will try to work from my bedroom now on.   I pulled my novel of Poe’s work off the shelf but like Lovecraft  it is difficult to read so back on the shelf it went.

The temperature is 28 with wind at 8 mph.  It will be cloudy all day.

That’s it for this morning but I’ll be back later today.

Well I’m back.  It is 5:19 pm and i have updated in checkbook,  paid off Visa ( that hurt a little but it had to be done) and paid a couple of small bills.    I will now go into the bedroom and do some Fill It  Ins until my programs come on.  I may have shorted myself a little but I won’t know until later in the month.  The important thing is I’m caught up now.

Still waiting on getting the dishwasher running. I have paid this already so I’m not concerned about that.

Well you would be proud of me I picked up my dictionary and have been using it a lot.

Cindy is working, The zoo is resting all over the living room, David is in his room and I will soon be in mine so the only noise is the click of the computer keys.

Do have a good rest of the week.  Stay warm, healthy, and happy!