The 15th

Good morning with a promise of snow, snow. snow.  It is 28 degrees, wind at 7 mph, and lots of white stuff in the forecast.  I want to get out before it hits and get Biscuit to make a meatloaf for supper.

Yesterday I rode with Cindy as she did her usual stops that she does when she is off.  I I just keep her company on these trips,

This afternoon just before the snow hit David took me to Kroger’s and I pick up a few things for supper.   We will have mashed potatoes with it for supper because I didn’t check for regular potatoes  when I made out the shopping list.  The meatloaf just came out of the oven

lots of cheese

A call came to say they have the part for my dishwasher and it will be fixed tomorrow.  I may still be able to make some Dutch Apple Pie jam because I’ll have sterile jars to work with.

My Spirit ( my African Gray) turned 22 years old today.   I put a seed stick in her cage to celebrate.

she is a pretty thing

I had a go round with the doctor’s office and the pharmacy today  I barely held my temper because when I asked for a refill the druggist said I had no refills.  Cindy called the doctor’s  office for a refill to be called in.   After she went to work the doctor’s office called to say I had two refills left.  I almost went right up.  I told them what the drug store said and then I said I am not speaking in a foreign language  but nobody is listening to me.   So I want you  to call the drug store, tell them what I need, then tell them to call me when it is ready.  That was early this afternoon and I still haven’t heard anything.  It pisses me off   When someone asks me how I fell my stomach is twisting because of things like this.  ( I guess I may really need a shrink.) The drugstore did give me some to take until this is corrected.

Well the forecast said snow.

As you can see it is big flakes.

A while back Les and Anne gave me a plant for my bedroom.  Well it gave it up.

It was lovely but all that is left are a couple of leaves. I think I drowned it.  Sorry guys!

this is Onyx Cindy’s cat.

Now if you can’t find your glasses take a flashlight and check the floor near where you left them.  The water glass on your vanity is dumped over.  Yep it is Onyx.  Papers you left on the table –check the floor they are there.  Things knock over in the front room window–Onyx.  He even hangs on the curtains,  walk on the counters to see what you are trying to dish up,  sneaks into your closet then doesn’t come out when you go to find him.  Yes a real pain in the butt but you got to love him.

Well my friend I best go to my room and read for a bit. I bought You Will Pay by Lisa Jackson so I’ll see how it goes. Have a good evening, stay warm, and smile.