An Antsy Sunday

Where the snow is today!

Yep it is 34 degrees,  wind is at 2 mph, and it is cloudy.  The forecast promises nothing else.  I have a small to buy list and am debating taking care of it because Cindy just left for work and she works a double tomorrow.  If I do go out today I need raisins for Dutch Apple Pie jam, bouillon cubes, potatoes, Downy, and my vitamins.  I need to keep busy or my stomach starts to bother me.

I received Shari  Lapena’s Unwanted Guest  today so it goes on the to read shelf.  I’m only on page 33 of Lisa Jackson’s You will Pay so I’ll finish that first.

Went to Bonco last night and It seems my winning has finally left me but I still had fun.

Before it gets to late I’d better close