A Full Half A day

It was a little after 1 pm  as I put the last of the canning equipment away except for having to make labels.  The clean jars are packed away plus the lids and rings.  (I have enough to do another flavor–gonna have to think about that.)

Starting with these the morning.

Yep this Is what is needed for Dutch Apple Pie Jam.  Now I have this.

12 1/2 cups jan sitting on the table waiting to have their labels put on.

I’m proud of me ’cause I got it done and I still have a 1/2 day to do what I want.  Plus the laundry is caught up and the zoo have been fed.

David let me play my music even with his sleeping and that helped my work time.

When he got up I got a comment about it smelled like a holiday and he was pleased with the taste of the jam.

For Cindy

I found this fellow when I was out shopping yesterday.  He gobbles three times.  I love his feet .  He is like me –has big ones.

I don’t know if I’m going to read this afternoon.  I may cochet a little or take a nap!  Whatever I earned it.  Have a great day!