The Transition Has Stared

Back after spending Thanksgiving with son Les and wife Anne and their family.  It was a delightful meal I had a part in putting it together with Ann and Ann’s mother Kathy.   My oldest son Wesley, granddaughter Jasmine, and several of Ann’s family celebrated together.

Received first Christmas card  from Sue and Dennis Cox. It will go up on the wall.

The table is already piled up with more boxes in the back room.

We will start the decorations for Christmas now for two reasons.  One there are so many and two we love seeing them in place.

My goose dressed and in the front window for now,

She is ready to go.

I have to check for Juicy’s outfit and order a new one if I can’t find it.

The flag is already up,

Cindy picked out a couple more to go up also as the day arrived.

40 degrees and cloudy. Wind is 8 mph . It will be 41-42 with rain all afternoon. 

Cindy and David went to IHop for green pancakes for breakfast. I being a little under the weather opted to have them bring me some back.  (But I said they had to be green),

For now i’ll go to my room and rest feeling a little dizzy