This Day In November

Good 16 mins. afternoon.  I woke up at 6 am this morning did my throne duty then decided it was too early so I crawled back into my warm place and dozed until 8 am.  I then got up, visited the throne again and  figured my strategy for tackling the day’s duties.  One room at a time with no side trips that cause me to jump around and take longer to call things done.

First my bedroom with stripping the bedding, putting in the wash, and putting on fresh.  Take my pills and clear my Desk (vanity).

That done

I then moved on to the bathroom.

I checked for anything that needed to be washed.

Emptied the waste basket and made sure needed supplies were available.

On to the living room.

First it was feed the zoo,

I made sure that the birds had seed and fresh water and the cats had water and food.  I checked the dog’s bowls also but usually Cindy or David takes care of that.  Then I checked the chairs to make sure the covers were straight. I checked for anything that should go the kitchen.

Now the kitchen.

I started the coffee maker first.

The dishwasher is still OD.  Waiting on a part that had to be ordered but some time next week it will be in.  Right now it is the  old hands in soapy water which  I don’t mind but I sure will be glad when I can load up the dishes, put in the soap and rinse agent, and walk away.

Then comes the laundry room,

I do like that little roll out shelf for supplies

Here I check the dryer for any clothes that were washed at bedtime last night.  I have already washed my bedding this morning so I transferred  that to the dryer.

With everything caught up I plopped my butt down to visit with you.  I’ll also play some card games, review the news, and of course worked on my  blog,.

I did find instructions on a scarf to crochet and a shawl I’d like to make.  I have yarn so I just need to convince myself it needs to be done.  I also want to read some more in Dean Koontz’s The Forbidden Door.  I have almost finished Stephen King’s Elevation which is a short but most interesting  story.

The sun just shone through for a bit so I checked the weather.   It is 34 degrees with a wind at 15 mph.  The snow is slowly melting with the roads and sidewalks clear. ( Don’t have to worry about busting your butt on the ice.)

Oh no it is melting!

Well I hope I haven’t bored you to tears but sometimes you don’t know what to write about.  Have a warm and safe weekend I know I’m going to.


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