Day 5

Wow it is coming on fast now.  33 Christmas cards went out in the mail this morning,

This will be my last year to send them.

But I couldn’t resist one more time to remind people that this was the way we old people used to do it.

Well this is the list now of what I have to read.

1 Shari Lapena’s An Unwanted Guest 

2 Neil Gaiman’s Black Orchid 

3 Stephen King’s The Sun Dog 

4 Salman Rushdie’s Two Years Eight Months and Twenty-Eight Nights (on loan from my son Wes)

I just finished Lisa Jackson’s You Will Pay last night.   Very good. Many twists, and surprises to keep you guessing  about the outcome.  

Dean Koontz’s novel The Forbidden Door.took a back seat on the shelf because the follow up isn’t until May of 2019.

There was a big hunt to find the birds.  When Cindy finally found them David hung them up.

The birds right side

left side

This archway is their home during the Holidays so it was important that they be found.

Onyx Making his appearance in front of me

It is 26 degrees outside with the wind at 2 mph.  It is sunny with the snow pretty well gone.  It should remain in this area most of the day.

The walker is still at Wes’; house so I’ll have to get that soon.

I need to take the lights off and put all the pockets back on.  But it did it’s job in the parade and with out it I couldn’t have been in it.

Well that is it for now. Have a great day