Eat Mary Eat!

Sometimes I think my mind is turning to mush like the melon.  But I just can’t seem t remember what I know that I know but it just ain’t shining through!! Anyway I called my youngest son and he helped me.

Nine days from now we will have our traditional Christmas Eve dinner.  I have a menu, so all I need to do is pick up the fixings.

Can’t remember if I showed you this but it it is the bathroom shelf.

As you can see we are well guarded.  Cindy still has something to put on the mirror,

This is hanging on the archway opening.

I really love this piece.  It makes me smile all the time.

Fixing an old jewelry chain.

I worked all one evening and part of the following morning and finally got the knot out of this chain.  The advantage is that old jewelry in much stronger than what you can buy now so I managed to fix this.

This is on the corner of my vanity to rem9ind me that it is a happy time.

Speaking of happy my doctor gave me a mood pill to improve my attitude. So now I have a happy pill to take every day.  She said it will take a couple of weeks to work but knowing I’m taking it has me saying I’m going to be happy and by golly I am.

I started hanging the Christmas Cards on the wall.

I figure if you spent money to buy and send them then they deserve to be used as decorations on my wall. Thank you so very much.

It is in the low 40s and will drop to the low 30s after 6 pm but no talk of snow yet.  In the old days when my kids were young I used to agonize over no snow when I knew there was a sled under the tree.  ( We worry about such things then and I still do.)

These old friends are sitting on the shelf in front of the glass case at the back of the living room.

Two of them take batteries but I don’t bother with them.

Well my doctor said I must eat.  I had lost 30 lbs in the last few months.  Don’t you wish you had orders like that!  After spending most of my life fat I can’t get used to ” Eat Mary Eat!”.

Have a good week and keep those plans going. Love yah!