Snow What Snow!

8 days to go.  It is really getting close now.  Outside

This sure don’t look like December to me.

Now I’m not complaining because I sure don’t like slip and fall weather at all.   But this isn’t what I’d call holiday inviting.

I cut cardboard yesterday.

There was a lot of it behind these steps in the back room.  I don’t know why it kept building up but it is gone now.  The trash cart is almost filled to the top.  My arms are still a little sore this morning but by golly it is ready for pick up now.

Cindy went to the grocery store yesterday as is our habit she came home with this

She like me can’t resist the beauty of fresh flowers,

What we look like at night.

I tried but it isn’t as pretty as  real life. 

I turn them on at night but only for a couple of hours.  The budget must be kept in mind.

The new calendar is ready and waiting,

this will hang on the dining area wall

A reminder of up and coming events and appointments.

Well the zoo has been fed,  except for the dog.  Speaking of dog I have an appointment with  a doctor dealing with the  brain (not exactly but looking it up I got lost in the descriptions), tomorrow. If everything is ok I’m on my way to a new companion.   I need a dog to get me off my dead butt and out walking again.   It is time now to close for today and get some other things under control.

Keep busy, accomplish your projects  and we will visit again.

Smile a bit!