Nothing Rolling!

I Thought my marbles were loose!

Yesterday I had an appointment with a Neurologist.  He went through the usual procedure of take these three words and remember them as we talk.  The three words were apple. pencil, and light.  When he asked again for the three words after our conversation I could give him all three.  He then assured me my marbles were not escaping me and mind wise I was just fine.  So I have no excuse like I can’t remember or I don’t know.   He did give me his card in case anything did roll out my ears.  It was a pleasant visit.

I had plans to work on the cat boxes this morning but the litter is in Cindy’s car.  Scratch that.]

It is in the 30s until 7 pm then it will drop to the high 20s until morning. There was frost on the ground this morning but no snow.

My  Christmas gifts are under control but I do have some wrapping to do.  Then there is also that feeling you get that maybe it isn’t the right thing to give, they won’t like it, or think it is dumb but hey you do what you think is good.

Today I have scalloped potatoes to make and I bought jello yesterday so I want to make a dish of that up.

Well the zoo is fed, dishes are washing, the letters went to the mailbox so there is no reason to sit here any longer.

Have a get day, get a lot done, and don’t forget to smile.

Hey it is that time of year.