Getting Closer!

Good Morning!  Now four days until our traditional Christmas Eve dinner/supper.  Years ago My father said ,”you will come to our house on Christmas Eve and stay home on Christmas Day so the children can enjoy their gifts.” I have tried to carry on this tradition But times have changed.  My grand kids are in other states or committed to other things.  But I will welcome all who can make it.

Can’t resist the pictures

Cindy decorated the bathroom mirror yesterday.

You have to smile as you look up and brush your teeth in our bathroom. 

Yep it is green allright!

Forecast is for light rain in the low 40s until around 6 pm.  It will get a bit cooler but still rain through tomorrow.  It is obvious that Mother Nature doesn’t know what date it is !

Our string of cards just keeps getting fuller and I love it!

Well the zoo is fed, the laundry is in the dryer, and I have to get my vitamins and pills in my tummy before I forget them.

Keep getting things done and I’ll visit again later.

Happy Holidays every one!