Hey It is Almost Summer!

51 degrees and partly sunny (but I don’t see any sunshine just wet pavement).  It is the 28th of December (what is going on Mother Nature?)

Our flag for now.

As you can see there is no snow.  In fact I asked Alexa the last time we had 52 degree weather and she answered I’m not sure.

Well I have stripped my bed, washed the bedding , and am waiting for it to dry.  I have other sheets but why bother pulling them out when I’ll have my clean ones in another few minutes.

Well Cindy is working, David is resting, and I’m just playing around, visiting with you, waiting for the mail person to come by, and putting off the domestic goddess work a little longer.

Darlene and Michael visited yesterday and the middle of the visit I had to lay down for a while.  Not a nice thing to do but my system is such that I have to follow through.  I hope they will forgive me for the action.

The cards on the wall keep growing and I started to thumb tack them when I ran out of yarn to hang them on.

Thank you everyone for the cards and I will continue to hang them until after New Years,.

Our Cali doesn’t let a little thing like a village get in the way of her nap.

Well my friend the dryer has stopped, my bedding is dry, so I have no excuse for not playing the domestic goddess and getting some important things done.

Enjoy your day and we will visit again.

Smile a bit! Even laugh out loud at this glorious weather we are having!