That Was A Night!

We were ready to do our thing.  Bring It On!

As we prepared to walk in the Lake Orion Lighted parade

Me , Phil, and grand daughter Jasmine,

Here we are Jasmine’s clowns lined up to go.

I’m proud because these are my costumes , my creations.  But the faces were by son Wes and grand daughter Jasmine.  But I pinned the lights on.

Even my bwalker had lights on it thanks to David who did a great job of getting it ready.

Overall it was a night to remember.  I had cold hands but even with the tiny bit of rain I wasn’t too cold not to enjoy every minute of it.

Also all of the people who made up the group were real troupers. They danced, waved at everyone, and even stop to talk to the little ones along the way.   Everyone seemed to love every step of the parade.  For me it was another adventure to tuck into my memory.  How lucky I am to be able to do these things when many my age can’t function this way.  Many said they would see me next year and my reply was If I was on the right side of the grass I would certainly be there.

It is said that to grow old gracefully one must be in contact with others, to show others you care, to keep learning the ways of your world.  I hope I’m trying to follow that rule although sometimes I find myself drawing inside me.  I have several projects waiting for my attention but sometimes it is easier to just read or take a nap instead.

Well it is time to get back to what is needed in this day ahead so I’m out of here. Enjoy your week, get your preparations going for the coming weeks and remember to relax. But more importantly to smile and laugh because bu golly your here and your loved!