Baby it is cold outside.  It is 13 degrees with a 13 mph wind.  It is cloudy and will hit -4 & -5 with light snow after 11 pm until noon tomorrow.  Just stay inside if you can.  I know I ain’t going nowhere.

This is out the front window.

This is out the back door.

I feel like I should get the snow shovel going but the combination of the temperature and my age dictates that I keep my butt inside! ( I just feel I should help.)

Cindy is in class today and David just got home ( from the doctor’s I think).  The zoo is fed . I had a nice shower, my bed is made, and I had oatmeal for breakfast.  I just started the laundry.  Still have my pills to take.  They on the vanity so I don’t forget them. I should get something done outside to help.

So I did taking the shovel I went all the way to the gate.

All the way to the fence.

Today Time To Get Going!

27 degrees and the road is covered in ice.

There will be no mail getting today unless David goes out in the truck some place.  The garbage cart is still out there and I walked two bags out to it this morning. The laundry is in the dryer. dishwasher is being loaded so it will be ready to run later.  I cleaned Spirit’s cage earlier so she is all set now.  I’m still in my nightgown and robe so I’ll have to get dressed soon.

Lily is in on my bed because it is warm in my bedroom

I have checked the news so it is time to get my butt in gear!

Have a great day!


I’ll Sleep Well!

Last Night I finished Stephen King’s Sun Dog.  As I closed the book I said it was a tale with many twists and turns ( a bit gory at the end) but necessary for the finish.  I started Shari Lapena’s  An Unwanted  Guest and It Is moving right along.

I went to the foot doctor today and had my toenails trimmed. Cindy slipped it in during our day.  I was long overdo and it was a slight bit pain full bur it is corrected now.

I rode with Cindy today as she covered a co worker’s shift.  It was a long day but at least I was there If Cindy wanted to talk.  We finished the day grocery shopping.

Tomorrow I got nothing going so I will do my household duties, feed my zoo, and  maybe read a little.  But I must say tonight I’m going to sleep well.

Snow Still Coming Down.

Go Where –Are You Kidding

It is still  coming down and the fools who are driving too fast are all over the road.

The chip dip is made and in the fridge.  Dirty dishes because I made a few are in the dishwasher.  My first thought is the heck with it I’m going back to bed.  I don’t want to go out in this mess.  ( You can tell I’m getting old no making snow angels for this old broad.)

David got in about 7 am and has gone to bed.  Cindy Is working (what else),  Every beating heart in the house is sleeping but mine.  I sit here thinking I need a shower and to get dressed.  But then I think not yet, crawl back in bed for a couple of hours because I have fed the zoo, made the chip dip, and have the dishes washing.  Do I have other things to do –yep.  I could do Fill It Ins, read, sweep the floors, even sit and chat with you.  Nah I’m going to crawl in my nice warm bed for a couple more hours of shut eye,  The most I will sleep is an hour maybe 2 then I’ll pick up where I left off.  Good idea don’t you agree!   I’m Gone!


Doing What!

If I sound confused I guess I am.  This is the last few days but not in correct order.  Cindy took me to see AquaMan the other day.  Great movie with many action scenes.  The underwater scenes seemed very believable.  Afterward we went to Applebees for all you can eat riblets plus I had a few shrimp on the side.  (Very tasty).

I have had a few dizzy spells that I can clear away by laying down and resting for a while but that results in this.

The bed still isn’t made this morning. No what I usually do.

Yesterday David took me to Rite Aids and I stocked up on these.

I now have enough  Fill It IN books to keep me busy for a while.

I figure I should keep the brain busy even when the rest of me gets tired.

I have decided not to look for a dog.  I don’t think I’m up to caring for one anymore.  I spent time yesterday on Facebook looking at everything that wagged it’s tail at me and mentally long for a real one but I’ll be 84 in a little over another month and I don’t think it is a good Idea to add another furry to our zoo.  (dammit).

Cindy is working today ( like almost every day), Dave is resting after being up all night,  and I’m pestering you.

We have Bunko this Saturday so I check the cupboard to make sure I had the fixings for chip dip I’m all set.

Well I have fed the cats but the birds still need attention so I’m going to have to get started on that project.  So I’ll warm my coffee and get cracking!

Have a great productive day.

Almost Half Way

Good Evening.  Well it looks like I escaped the flu bug so I count myself very lucky.  I have been resting, eating well, and helping to keep the infections down.  Today the last of the laundry is in the dryer, everything dry is folded or put away, and I’m visiting with you. No snow, the sun is setting, and a slight wind is making the flags dance.

I have had company on my nap today because Lily laid with me.  I told Cindy yesterday that I have given up on getting a dog.  It is too discouraging and I have all her furry babies to help take of.  I wake up sometimes a little dizzy or disoriented so I don’t need to worry about a dog to take care of.

I’m still reading Stephen King’s The Sun Dog with 83 pages to go. It is a little scary but not gory.

I had my nails done the other day in the mahogany color ( my favorite).  I’ll get a picture of them later.

We have Alexa now so I just ask her what day it is.  Questions like mail delivery get answered too.

Well Alexa said it was Sunday January 13.  That would make it almost half way through this month.

Well Cindy is working, David is watching Tv and I’m of course pestering you.  Have a great week and let me know how you are doing.


It seems that I’m the only human in this house that doesn’t have the flu.  I am keeping the laundry, the dishes, and anything that might  carry the germs caught up.  I’m still ok and am trying to stay that way.  I won’t be chatty right now but I will get back to you later.  Take care and stay careful.

Been Away From The Keyboard

Five days I have been away.  I have been searching for a dog, got lost, needed a policeman to assure me I was on the right road to get home.  The State police man in Caro was very helpful and understanding .  He assured me I wasn’t really lost I just needed to stay on M24 to get home.  That was Saturday,

Yesterday I had a bout with dizziness and vomiting.  I used a cane to get around part of the day.  I fell in the bathroom that morning and had to crawl to my living chair to pull myself up.  Later in the day I was doing much better.  Today I feel bretty  good. ( Well good but not so pretty).

Alexa tells me it is Monday Jan. 7th . .  The temperature is 47 degrees, cloudy until 2pm then  forecast is for light rain until midnight.

The only snow is on the sidewalks.

Cindy did the grocery shopping yesterday.  She bought lots of canned goods because we had given a lot away before Christmas to a fire victim.

Cupboard is looking better

She also brought home flowers.

I took a stem to put in mt room.

I have the zoo fed this morning, dishes in the dishwasher, but I’m a little light headed so I think I’ll go rest a bit.  Have  a great day and I’ll see you later.





Day 2

It is 30 degrees calling for snow but it is rain right now.  The wind is at 9 mph.  It will be low 30s and high 20s through 7 am tomorrow.  We sure could use a little sunshine right now.  ( I won’t hold my breath..)

I’m almost through with Salman Rushdie’s Two Years Eight Months and Twenty Eight Nights. Wes loaned it to me and I must confess I was lost in it a few times but I should finish it tonight.  Then it is on to the three that are waiting for me and the one  I have to finish. 

I woke up this morning with a stiff neck and was troubled all night with pains in my arms and back. I think a lot of it was from taking down Christmas decorations yesterday.  But that procedure is now packed away for another year thank goodness.  I have to thank Cindy for working so hard to get  it done even sick as a dog as she was.

Well I do have to go to my room to write a few checks and get the bills covered.

Have a great day tomorrow and get things under control at your home.

Remember it is a new year and we all have things to do.



The First!

Happy New Year everyone.

I started taking down the Christmas things and right now the place is a mess.  It may take a day or two but I will get it under control.  Well it is a new year and we all have things to pack away, files to clean out and store.  It seems a little overwhelming but like with any job one step at a time and we will accomplish our goal.

The new flag is up

Juicy, Cindy’s goose, has her clothes changed as has my little goose.  The holiday clothes have been packed away.

I’m working on the birds right now.

This year I will know where they are and not have to hunt for them.

This beauty was a Christmas gift from David.

It is hanging in the bath room right now and I love it.

The building are out of the front window.

I do have to locate the boxes they belong in then I can put them away.

This is another pile on the foot stool that needs to be put away.

Again I have to find the right boxes to put them in.  This thing my not be solved right away because I’m a little lost on what to do first.

The weather is cloudy, in the 20s over night.  Don’t see any snow called for yet.  But this is Michigan so you never know what is next.   I’m tempted to take a little nap right now but there is alot spread all over so I’ll have to think about that.

Well I will finish putting the birds in their boxes and then a nap time is called for.  When I wake up I’ll carry on.  Hope your day is going well.