The First!

Happy New Year everyone.

I started taking down the Christmas things and right now the place is a mess.  It may take a day or two but I will get it under control.  Well it is a new year and we all have things to pack away, files to clean out and store.  It seems a little overwhelming but like with any job one step at a time and we will accomplish our goal.

The new flag is up

Juicy, Cindy’s goose, has her clothes changed as has my little goose.  The holiday clothes have been packed away.

I’m working on the birds right now.

This year I will know where they are and not have to hunt for them.

This beauty was a Christmas gift from David.

It is hanging in the bath room right now and I love it.

The building are out of the front window.

I do have to locate the boxes they belong in then I can put them away.

This is another pile on the foot stool that needs to be put away.

Again I have to find the right boxes to put them in.  This thing my not be solved right away because I’m a little lost on what to do first.

The weather is cloudy, in the 20s over night.  Don’t see any snow called for yet.  But this is Michigan so you never know what is next.   I’m tempted to take a little nap right now but there is alot spread all over so I’ll have to think about that.

Well I will finish putting the birds in their boxes and then a nap time is called for.  When I wake up I’ll carry on.  Hope your day is going well.