Day 2

It is 30 degrees calling for snow but it is rain right now.  The wind is at 9 mph.  It will be low 30s and high 20s through 7 am tomorrow.  We sure could use a little sunshine right now.  ( I won’t hold my breath..)

I’m almost through with Salman Rushdie’s Two Years Eight Months and Twenty Eight Nights. Wes loaned it to me and I must confess I was lost in it a few times but I should finish it tonight.  Then it is on to the three that are waiting for me and the one  I have to finish. 

I woke up this morning with a stiff neck and was troubled all night with pains in my arms and back. I think a lot of it was from taking down Christmas decorations yesterday.  But that procedure is now packed away for another year thank goodness.  I have to thank Cindy for working so hard to get  it done even sick as a dog as she was.

Well I do have to go to my room to write a few checks and get the bills covered.

Have a great day tomorrow and get things under control at your home.

Remember it is a new year and we all have things to do.