Been Away From The Keyboard

Five days I have been away.  I have been searching for a dog, got lost, needed a policeman to assure me I was on the right road to get home.  The State police man in Caro was very helpful and understanding .  He assured me I wasn’t really lost I just needed to stay on M24 to get home.  That was Saturday,

Yesterday I had a bout with dizziness and vomiting.  I used a cane to get around part of the day.  I fell in the bathroom that morning and had to crawl to my living chair to pull myself up.  Later in the day I was doing much better.  Today I feel bretty  good. ( Well good but not so pretty).

Alexa tells me it is Monday Jan. 7th . .  The temperature is 47 degrees, cloudy until 2pm then  forecast is for light rain until midnight.

The only snow is on the sidewalks.

Cindy did the grocery shopping yesterday.  She bought lots of canned goods because we had given a lot away before Christmas to a fire victim.

Cupboard is looking better

She also brought home flowers.

I took a stem to put in mt room.

I have the zoo fed this morning, dishes in the dishwasher, but I’m a little light headed so I think I’ll go rest a bit.  Have  a great day and I’ll see you later.