Almost Half Way

Good Evening.  Well it looks like I escaped the flu bug so I count myself very lucky.  I have been resting, eating well, and helping to keep the infections down.  Today the last of the laundry is in the dryer, everything dry is folded or put away, and I’m visiting with you. No snow, the sun is setting, and a slight wind is making the flags dance.

I have had company on my nap today because Lily laid with me.  I told Cindy yesterday that I have given up on getting a dog.  It is too discouraging and I have all her furry babies to help take of.  I wake up sometimes a little dizzy or disoriented so I don’t need to worry about a dog to take care of.

I’m still reading Stephen King’s The Sun Dog with 83 pages to go. It is a little scary but not gory.

I had my nails done the other day in the mahogany color ( my favorite).  I’ll get a picture of them later.

We have Alexa now so I just ask her what day it is.  Questions like mail delivery get answered too.

Well Alexa said it was Sunday January 13.  That would make it almost half way through this month.

Well Cindy is working, David is watching Tv and I’m of course pestering you.  Have a great week and let me know how you are doing.