Doing What!

If I sound confused I guess I am.  This is the last few days but not in correct order.  Cindy took me to see AquaMan the other day.  Great movie with many action scenes.  The underwater scenes seemed very believable.  Afterward we went to Applebees for all you can eat riblets plus I had a few shrimp on the side.  (Very tasty).

I have had a few dizzy spells that I can clear away by laying down and resting for a while but that results in this.

The bed still isn’t made this morning. No what I usually do.

Yesterday David took me to Rite Aids and I stocked up on these.

I now have enough  Fill It IN books to keep me busy for a while.

I figure I should keep the brain busy even when the rest of me gets tired.

I have decided not to look for a dog.  I don’t think I’m up to caring for one anymore.  I spent time yesterday on Facebook looking at everything that wagged it’s tail at me and mentally long for a real one but I’ll be 84 in a little over another month and I don’t think it is a good Idea to add another furry to our zoo.  (dammit).

Cindy is working today ( like almost every day), Dave is resting after being up all night,  and I’m pestering you.

We have Bunko this Saturday so I check the cupboard to make sure I had the fixings for chip dip I’m all set.

Well I have fed the cats but the birds still need attention so I’m going to have to get started on that project.  So I’ll warm my coffee and get cracking!

Have a great productive day.