Snow Still Coming Down.

Go Where –Are You Kidding

It is still  coming down and the fools who are driving too fast are all over the road.

The chip dip is made and in the fridge.  Dirty dishes because I made a few are in the dishwasher.  My first thought is the heck with it I’m going back to bed.  I don’t want to go out in this mess.  ( You can tell I’m getting old no making snow angels for this old broad.)

David got in about 7 am and has gone to bed.  Cindy Is working (what else),  Every beating heart in the house is sleeping but mine.  I sit here thinking I need a shower and to get dressed.  But then I think not yet, crawl back in bed for a couple of hours because I have fed the zoo, made the chip dip, and have the dishes washing.  Do I have other things to do –yep.  I could do Fill It Ins, read, sweep the floors, even sit and chat with you.  Nah I’m going to crawl in my nice warm bed for a couple more hours of shut eye,  The most I will sleep is an hour maybe 2 then I’ll pick up where I left off.  Good idea don’t you agree!   I’m Gone!