I’ll Sleep Well!

Last Night I finished Stephen King’s Sun Dog.  As I closed the book I said it was a tale with many twists and turns ( a bit gory at the end) but necessary for the finish.  I started Shari Lapena’s  An Unwanted  Guest and It Is moving right along.

I went to the foot doctor today and had my toenails trimmed. Cindy slipped it in during our day.  I was long overdo and it was a slight bit pain full bur it is corrected now.

I rode with Cindy today as she covered a co worker’s shift.  It was a long day but at least I was there If Cindy wanted to talk.  We finished the day grocery shopping.

Tomorrow I got nothing going so I will do my household duties, feed my zoo, and  maybe read a little.  But I must say tonight I’m going to sleep well.