Baby it is cold outside.  It is 13 degrees with a 13 mph wind.  It is cloudy and will hit -4 & -5 with light snow after 11 pm until noon tomorrow.  Just stay inside if you can.  I know I ain’t going nowhere.

This is out the front window.

This is out the back door.

I feel like I should get the snow shovel going but the combination of the temperature and my age dictates that I keep my butt inside! ( I just feel I should help.)

Cindy is in class today and David just got home ( from the doctor’s I think).  The zoo is fed . I had a nice shower, my bed is made, and I had oatmeal for breakfast.  I just started the laundry.  Still have my pills to take.  They on the vanity so I don’t forget them. I should get something done outside to help.

So I did taking the shovel I went all the way to the gate.

All the way to the fence.