Maybe Spring Will Come!

The 3rd of Feb, with the sun shining through the front window, the promise of a day in the 40s, and nothing pressing to be done.  So this is where I’m at today.  I have finished

The Shari Lapena novel and will purchase her other two books.

This was a murder mystery that kept you guessing all the way through with hints of who the guilty one was. It was worth the read.

I just started this Black Orchid 

Neil Gaiman’s novel in a cartoon form with Dave Mckean illustrating  it. 

This is a classic that I’m not sure if I read it before but I certainly will read it now.

This is the front yard now with spikes of grass poking through the snow but I’ll probably see more before this evening comes.  The road is wet but no ice except at the edge so that is good.

Cindy was up before me this morning and she had fed the zoo.  It is one of my duties so it kinda set me off kilter.  She has left for work so I won’t see her until later today.

Lily knows where it is warm

In on my bed.

Onyx wants to share with her.

Next he cane out to help me at the computer.

He loves to get up at the screen and try to catch any movement I make.

Well I think I’ll go to my room and read a while.  Enjoy your day.