Still Reading

I finished Black Orchid  last night and even though it was in a cartoon form it was great.  Neil Gaiman and Dave Mckean do an excellent job of telling a great story. While I was out getting my nails done yesterday  I read the Dec./Jan AARP magazine but I have to finish it now,  I also have the AARP bulletin for Jan./Feb. to finish.  It is easy to get behind in the reading when you are trying to accomplish other things at the same time. But I’m going to work on catching up because I have two novels coming in the next couple of days.  ( I was going to ask for them for my birthday but I decided to purchase them myself.)  My  ‘already read shelf’ is getting full so I’m going to have to clear it by packing away some of the books and putting them in storage.  I was going to ask if anyone wanted to read them but it seems my taste in reading material is not favored by my friends or family.

The weather has broke somewhat so I’m going to get out and walk.  I have found my sense of balance is off kilter and sitting on my butt ain’t going to cure it.

Well I have fed the cats but still have the birds to take care of.   I have the bed linens  changed and washing, I have  to get dressed, and grab a little breakfast.  So I’ll transfer the washing and get my butt in gear.

HAve a great day and do something you like to do.